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December 10, 2017

August 17, 2017

August 10, 2017

August 9, 2017

August 4, 2017

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Anger and Happiness

December 10, 2017

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You Are Not Fat

August 17, 2017


I am fat. I am a loser. I am broke. I am alone. 


Using the words "I am" creates subconscious beliefs that with continuous use, become a part of your behavior patterns. Your subconscious relays information to your conscious mind and creates circumstances and behaviors that reinforce these limiting and negative beliefs. 


The fact is, you are not fat. If that were the case, you would literally BE fat...a big gloppy gelatinous mound of fat. You HAVE fat. If you ARE something, you cannot change it. If you HAVE something, you can discard it. 


You ARE a human being. There is nothing you can do to change that. You can't become a dolphin or a house plant. That's it! You ARE nothing else. You have thoughts and feelings and behaviors that help define your world, but they do not define YOU. The joyous news is that because you are NOT your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, they can be changed to create the reality you want.


You might argue; well, I'm black, or I'm American, or I'm a girl. Nope. You have darker skin; your parents happened to be in America when you came along, you were born with female genitals (OR you were born with the wrong genitals). All of these things CAN be changed if you decide to change them. There are procedures for bleaching or darkening skin. You can move to another country and give up your US citizenship. You can get sex reassignment surgery.


Understanding that everything in your life and in your mind is not set in stone is liberating. Think of the possibilities and opportunities that open themselves up to you when you realize you are not stupid and you can read a book and learn something new. Yes, perhaps it is difficult for you, but when  you start telling yourself that you CAN learn and reward yourself and celebrate yourself for learning something new, and you do it consistently, it will become easier and easier!


When you start telling yourself that you have a healthy, vibrant and beautiful body (because you do), you will start acting out behaviors that reflect that truth. Without any conscious effort on your part, you will find yourself eating healthier, smaller portions. You will walk more. You will feel more energy. Appreciate your body for what it is. Rejoice in the fact that it lets you do all things you do every day. Celebrate it and show it compassion and love. After all, it is the one thing that has been with you every minute of every day since the day you were born.


I'm not saying any of this is easy. You have been telling yourself negative things about yourself all your life. It takes time to change such ingrained mindsets. Start small, and start with just one mindset that is holding you back. 


Maybe you have always told yourself that you are lazy. Someone somewhere made that impression on you and it stuck. Remember, that you are NEVER what anyone else says you are. Start telling yourself that you have shown great energy, motivation and perseverence in the past. Any activity that required you to use these qualities, even if it was just for fun, is proof that you are not lazy.


Take time to nurture yourself with these thoughts every day. Spend time in the morning and in the evening to reinforce this positive change of thought. At the end of 30 days, take note of any changes that you have encountered in your life that prove your new thought. Maybe you started doing the dishes every night before bed; or you took your dog out for longer walks.


Your life is already changing without your even being aware or taking conscious effots. Now imagine what you can do when you DO make conscious efforts.



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